According to a 2009 study published in the European Journal of Social Psychology, it takes 18 to 254 days for a person to form a new habit.

The study also concluded that, on average, it takes 66 days for a new behavior to become automatic. There’s no one-size-fits-all figure.

We agree with Rory Vaden (see suggestions for reading): Procrastination and indulgence are nothing more than creditors who charge us interest. ThinkFit works on building Self-discipline, empowering you to overcome any addiction, making better decisions in order to improve your self-discipline and your life.

ThinkFit is in contact with researchers and we are running pilot programs to measure the efficiency and effectiveness of our app. We are always looking for studies and papers on productivity, mindfulness and physical activity to keep us constantly updated. Our work is in line with what the Sedentary Behaviour Research Network and other professionals are sustaining over time. If you want to be part of the study, feel free to send an email to

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We care about privacy. Want to know all details? Go ahead and review them by clicking the link below.
Are you in a hurry? Ok, let’s say that we manage aggregate data for our studies and to improve the feedback and the algorithms over time. That means that we don’t have access to your personal health data and that algorithms are using your feedback to send you coaching tips and hacks personalized to your needs.

All modules have algorithms kept up-to-date to give feedback to the User. The more you use the app, the most efficient results and personalization. The Focus module is like a virtual coach: no more worries or manual tweaks, ThinkFit is adjusting the skill level to the User current abilities, removing frustration from the equation, still keeping the User in the “flow” state(reference You will then master stuff like “how to deal with interruptions and procrastination”, learning the latest time management techniques and have fun at the same time! On the Active Recovery module as well as for the Renewal periods, the proposed exercises will be tailored to the User skills and abilities, with challenges to “raise the bar” over time. You will then integrate your day with healthy habits, no more only “exercise” but “active living”, with an improved sense of energy all through the evenings! (we are obliged to say: results may vary)

Daphne Miller,April 30, 2019 Could you skip your workout if you built more activity into your day?

Ron Friedman October 03, 2014 How to exercise during the workday (and why it’s important)

Marc T. Hamilton, PhD, Genevieve N. Healy, PhD, David W. Dunstan, PhD, Theodore W. Zderic, PhD, and Neville Owen, PhD Curr Cardiovasc Risk Rep. 2008 Too Little Exercise and Too Much Sitting: Inactivity Physiology and the Need for New Recommendations on Sedentary Behavior

We calculate the starting level using validated self assessment tests from recognized professional services and experts. NHS is surely among them. The embedded algorithm will adjust the fitness level to keep your work challenging (but not frustrating) all the time.

Absolutely NOT. The app is free to use. In the future more packages and features may require in app purchases but still…it’s free! If you want to be part of case studies send us an email to and you’ll have the opportunity to have a free lifetime access to the full version. Forever.

Our app is designed and engineered for busy people, consultant, freelance and remote
workers, but also employees and students who want to create healthy habits, improving
overall wellness and increasing productivity outputs (i.e. doing more, in less time)

Sure there is! We are always working for a continuous update of the application to find other partners for monitoring and productivity for example and other applications. Whereabouts for mood tracking ( ) and also wellness parameters ( ).

Although with ThinkFit we are promoting “physical activity” vs “exercise”, the answer is still yes! If you are including exercise into your life you may face Soreness (technically called Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness): it is merely a sign that your body isn’t used to what you did. This is fine. You’ll probably feel less sore after doing some physical activity (yes, using ThinkFit!) due to the repeated bout effect, and notice that DOMS decreases in intensity as you continue working out consistently.

Although with ThinkFit we are promoting “physical activity” vs “exercise”, the answer is again, yes! If you feel so. Physical movement and exercise is actually able to improve the immune system ( )

  • But we are working on mindfulness as well, so always check in with your body and mind and do not push too hard if you don’t feel so. By the way, the algorithms in ThinkFit are adjusting the level of activity based on your feedback: you don’t feel ready to push hard? ThinkFit will lower the intensity level, ready to raise it again when you feel you are fully recovered, so you will never miss your long term goals.

You’re not going to undo a lifetime of poor posture and movement by only addressing specific problems once a week for 15 minutes. It takes dedicated effort and vigilance to correct the root cause. Also, be willing to accept the fact that some issues just can’t or won’t be fixed by a few simple stretches or exercises that you are not doing regularly. Some people do forget to stretch or take a break at work or when studying: ThinkFit is tackling this problem, including movements aimed to target specific musculature that will have an impact on your posture as well.

For more information related to posture:

Yes, the application is developed to be compatible with the most common whereabouts market like ( FITBIT, APPLE WATCH, GOOGLE FIT ) which will be used to monitor activities and to interact with the APP.


Your privacy is important to us. Our Privacy Policy explains how we collect and use your content and information and how you can use the Service to share such information with others. By creating an account or accessing or using the Service you accept and agree to be bound by these Terms of Service and consent to the collection, use and storage of your information as outlined in our Privacy Policy.

At any time for the protection of privacy, you can request the cancellation of the account through the app (Settings – Delete Account) or sending us an e-mail to

Yes, The App is compatible with IOS and Android.

No, you don’t need any particular equipment to start Think-Fitting! The app will adjust the selection of physical activities and routines according to what you have and where you are (i.e. do you have stairs available?). Since we are keeping our database updated, additional packages are being designed with equipment or tools, and you will receive special offers from our partners if you want to create your own “active workspace”!

ThinkFit has been developed as a holistic system, to help you create healthy habits and, at the same time improving your time management. The app is a virtual coach for you to reach your goals with less effort. You don’t have to choose or tweak anything, THinkFit is doing the hard work on your behalf.

“Physical activity” can be considered a more general term and be interpreted as any physical movement. “Exercise” might be better described as more formal or purposeful movement. For example, cleaning the house would fall under physical activity, while going to the gym to workout might be described as both physical activity and exercise.

Pamela Stuppy | Fosters Daily Democrat | 3:15 am EDT August 30, 2020 Difference between Physical activity and Exercise.

Submit feedback though the app or propose new exercises and participate on contest days throughout the year to win prizes! Yes: you can become part of the ThinkFit family proposing your own exercise with you as protagonist! If you win, your exercise (and yourself indeed) could be seen all around the globe, all other Users will benefit from your activity!

We are dealing with numerous major consumer dealers to bring you the best to hack your workstation. Discounts can be received via newsletter or push notifications (remember to allow!). You will be even able to use your cumulated FitPoints for purchases or exchange with coupons!

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