Want to be Productive AND stay Fit?

The one-of-a-kind mobile app merging Productivity with Physical Movement

and Exercise. Whenever you want, Anywhere.

Key Features

ThinkFit combines all the elements of productivity and wellness in a structured system aimed to motivate, train and coach the User to live a better life in a doable and sustainable way.

Feedback Loop

Think about a Virtual Coach collecting your feedback and helping you to improve over time

More Quality Time

It’s not just doing “more stuff” in less time, but how to accomplish meaningful things still having free time to spend with friends and loved ones

Gratification, Guaranteed

Integrates gamification features to boost motivation and trigger positive behaviors, with a fully integrated reward system.

Hacked Productivity

Get the best advices and tools to plan your day with actionable tasks. Then, REST and RECOVER

Super Simple. Backed By TONS of Science.

We have been working hard to squeeze hundreds of documents, articles, scientific papers, publications, New York Time Best Sellers into a minimalist UI design

Sources of information (and counting)
(and more) are Scientific Studies
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How does the design of the app pages looks like. Subject to changes (for the better!)

Focus Time

Time-weighted based on YOUR actual level. the Virtual Coach gives you all the Tips, Hacks, Hints on how to improve over time.

Active Recovery Time

A selection of physical exercises to STIMULATE your brain for Improved learning and memory, new skill acquisition, improved mood and energy levels

Reneweal Periods

Because we need to RECOVER to perform better over time.  RECHARGE your mind and de-stress, with breathing techniques, short guided meditation or even coloring mandalas.

Trusted by Professional People

ThinkFit has been accepted into FasterCapital‘s technical cofounder program and has secured $33k which is half of its funding at the present stage. A strong support toward the development, investment and growth!

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Accepted also by

What are you waiting for?

We are currently developing the app, looking for beta testers and receiving lots of suggestions from you all!

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