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The first personalized approach to more productivity, wellness and well-being. Whenever you want, Anywhere.

Key Features

ThinkFit combines all the elements of productivity and wellness in a structured system aimed to motivate, train and coach the User to live a better life in a doable and sustainable way.

Feedback Loop

Think about a Virtual Coach collecting your feedback and helping you improving over time.

Gratification, Guaranteed

Integrates gamification features to boost motivation and trigger positive behaviors, with a fully integrated reward system.

More Quality Time

It’s not just doing “more stuff” in less time, but how to accomplish meaningful things still having free time to spend with friends and loved ones.

Hacked Productivity

Get the best advices and tools to plan your day with actionable tasks. Then, REST and RECOVER

Steps - How it Works

Step 1


We want to offer you a personalized experience. Add some details to receive reminders and complete a fitness assessment to know more about your current level and to receive the most targeted Active Recovery that suits you. You’ll receive only challenging activities without frustrations. Has your fitness level changed? ThinkFit will adjust the level of the Active Recoveries automatically, with no effort from your side!
Step 2

Start your Focus Day, mindfully

ThinkFit is 100% flexible. Use your pen and paper or favourite app or tool to plan your long-term goals (or even use the ThinkFit Weekly Planner). Then start building up your Focus Time List from the main screen, where you’ll be guided through the process. With targeted prompts and the prioritisation techniques from the Eisenhower matrix, you’ll finally build up a “real” sustainable and realistic to-do list. Then, select the task and be ready for the Focus Time.

Step 3

Welcome Interruptions!

We built ThinkFit with one goal in mind: we need a personalised approach to productivity and wellness. The period of Focus will self-adjust based on your ability to complete (or not) the full Focus Time. Yes, you heard that right: no more settings to be manually changed, no more trial and error, and no more frustration here. If you are interrupted, just log your Interruption Type. ThinkFit will “learn” it and will send you back tips and hacks to build up habits aimed to avoid/reduce/eliminate interruptions from your life! And don’t forget, you’ll find the Interruption Dashboard on the menu 🙂
Step 4

Active Recovery and Renewal Periods

Again, nothing to do here, other than keep the ball rolling! At the end of each Focus Time, you will be prompted to complete a physical activity (Active Recovery) or a relaxing exercise for your mind (Renewal Period). Although you can still skip it, we encourage you to go all in: the energy balance concept built around ThinkFit is based on the synergy between physical activity, mindfulness and flow state. Plus, you will earn Fitpoints® to be exchanged for coupons and offers on the app (see menu) or directly on the official ThinKFit Store!

Step 5

Repeat and improve

That’s really all. As promised, ThinkFit will adjust the Focus Time and the Active Recovery intensity for YOU. You’ll receive tips and tricks to reduce interruptions and improve your ability to get into Flow State, earning more and more Fitpoints enjoying the perks and challenging your colleagues and friends. You’ll find your data (available to you ONLY) on the menu on the left: have a look at the Interruptions changing over time, and monitor your Productivity Index © to gain insights on your performances and find your most productive days and hours. Last but not least, spoiler alert, the ThinkFit Academy will open its doors! Stay tuned!

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Our mission is to improve the lives of millions of people promoting psychophysical Wellbeing. We are a heterogeneous team of professionals, engineers, consultants, psychologists and behavioural specialists gathered together to pioneer science-based, mobile, on-demand, efficient and effective products and services in the health and wellness sector.
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